52 Reasons why folk in glass houses should not throw rocks! Especially when the target only faces allegations!

1.Brian Gate Labour Councillor & School Governor for child welfare, caught downloading child pornography.
2. Graham Pearson Labour Lord Mayor School teacher and Nursery School Governor caught with child porn images.
3. Richard Harris Labour Councillor candidate & School Governor arrested for offering children money for sex.
4. Ben Williams Labour Councillor & School teacher arrested over child porn internet searches.
5. Paul Diggert Labour Party Councillor Candidate & School Governor caught downloading child pornography.
6. Cyril Smith was a Labour Councillor and teacher at Cambridge House Boys Home in Rochdale (before he joined Liberals he was a Labour
councillor) depraved sexual acts upon little boys.
7. Timothy Edmeades Labour Party organizer/Lord Mayor assistant/School teacher helper/Scout Leader/ child rapist.
8. John Friary Labour Councillor & School Governor guilty of grooming a child for sex.
9. Keith Rogers Labour Party Councillor & School Governor making 2,000 child rape images.
10. Alec Dyer Atkins Labour Councillor & School Governor 2yrs for 42,000 images of child abuse.
11. Adrian Circet Labour Councillor & School Governor 3yr community order for child porn.
12. Steve Carnell Labour Councillor & School Governor found guilty of child porn
13. Greg Vincent Labour Councillor & School Governor guilty of child pornography
14. Nelson Bland Labour Councillor & School Teacher guilty of making child porn images.
15. Keith Potts Labour Party Councillor & School Governor guilty of Making Child porn images.
16. John Johnson Labour Party Councillor guilty of downloading child pornography.
17. Manish Sood Labour MP Candidate offering school children money for sex
18. Mark Tann Labour Party Activist (who knew the Blair’s) raped Two little girls.
19. Peter Tuffley Labour Party Adviser to Hazel Blears, kidnapped a child for sex.
20. Mark Trotter Labour Activist for Two Labour Councils raped children whilst diagnosed with AIDS.
21. Ian Rankin Labour Councillor Candidate Guilty of making horrific child porn movies.
22. Tim Russo Labour party adviser is a convicted paedophile child abuser.
23. Phillip Lyon, Labour party adviser and aid to Tony Blair, was caught making child pornography.
24. Willie Smith Labour Council Leader arrested over child pornography.
25. Samuel Gamlin Labour Party Spin Doctor making child pornography and accessing child porn websites.
26. Yusef Azad Labour representative for London mayor Ken Livingston on the GLA arrested on child porn charges.
27. Darren Pedley Labour Councillor & School teacher arrested by police on child porn charges.
28. Susan Smith Labour Councillor Lambeth 18 months in prison for raping a minor in her transvestite lovers flat.
29. Sam Chaudhry Labour Lord Mayor sent to prison for multiple rape of children as young as 5 yrs old.
30. Nicholas Green Labour Lord Mayor, 10 yrs prison for rape and molestation of 3 children aged 6 to 10 yrs old
31. Alan Prescott Labour Councillor 2 yrs prison for molesting children in his care.
32. Gilbert Benn Labour Councillor 5yrs prison for molesting an 11yr old male child.
33. Iestyn Tudor Davies Labour Councillor 7yrs prison for raping a 9yr old girl in South Wales.
34. Les Sheppard Labour Councillor 10yrs for molesting three children in County Durham.
35. Martyn Locklin Labour Councillor 12 yrs prison for 8 counts of rape and sex assaults on Three young boys.
36. David Spooner Labour Councillor 12 months prison for indecency in front of Two children.
37. Neil Redrup Labour Councillor 4 months prison for using a spy camera to film a child on the toilet in his flat.
38. Mark Burton Labour Councillor guilty of molesting a child at a party, also caught with child pornography.
39. Liam Temple Labour Lord Mayor guilty of inciting a child in his home into an act of gross indecency.
40. Stewart Brown Labour Lord Mayor guilty of distributing sickening images of child abuse over the internet.
41. Toren Smith Labour Party Councillor Guilty of over 90,000 images of children being raped.
42. Joseph Shaw Labour Councillor caught with child abuse images.
43. Johnathan Phillips Labour Councillor found guilty of child porn found on his memory stick.
44. Lee Benson Labour Party Councillor found guilty of Child pornography images found on his computer.
45. Raymond Coates Labour County Councillor arrested for multiple child rape along with his son.
46. Graham White Labour Party Councillor guilty of filming a child doing sex acts.
47. John Murray Labour Lord Mayor sexual assault on a child.
48. Michael Tombs Labour Party Council nominee and School Governor arrested for child porn & child grooming.
49. Peter McLaughlin Labour party chairman of Stanley Town council, admitted raping a male child.
50. Terry Power Labour Party Councillor in Dagenham, arrested and charged with raping homeless children.
51. Malcolm Ford Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council received
Fifteen years prison for child rape.
52. Andrew Palmer Labour party election agent serving his third prison term for multiple counts of paedophilia.

3 thoughts on “52 Reasons why folk in glass houses should not throw rocks! Especially when the target only faces allegations!

  1. Just A Helpful Guy ;)

    I’m working hard on getting news links to each offence – and archiving them at both Wayback and archive today. It’s horrific how many of the original news articles have been hidden from the search engines by Right To Be Forgotten submissions! I’ll leave a link for you – but it’s going to take time, it’s taking up to an hour to track down some of them!



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